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Changes are afoot on our website and in our centre! The observant amongst you may have noticed a new icon on our frontpage that says "make this website talk." This new feature is called Browsealoud and it will read the webpage for people who may have difficulties reading. We hope that this will make our website more user friendly and encourage people to spend more time on our site.


Course news- we have begun developing 2 new Autism Course. The first is based around sensory processing issues for people with autism and will be an insightful and in-depth look at how sensory issues are key to understanding how people with autism experience the world.

The second course, is a practical course based on addressing particualry challenging behaviours and routines that may limit a persons ability to engage effectively. Both of these new courses are for experienced practitioners with an up to date and modern undertsnading of autism. It is highly desireable that applicants have undertaken our Introduction to Autism course.