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At The Devon Autism Centre we offer high quality Autism Training. As we are specialists in Autism, we don't offer any other type of training, we focus solely on Autism. This sets us apart from many other providers out there who see "Autism Awareness" as just another tick box to fill in.


For us, Autism Training is so much more than that; it's not just about helping people understand the most modern and relevant research into the field; it's about changing attitudes. We know that massive improvements are possible in people's lives and we promote this throughout our training. We don't simply repeat the mantra of "routine, routine, routine,"  we embrace developmental steps that can alter the course of a person's life.


Our training is based on the most recent research in Autism and is a must for all professionals working in the field. If you have undertaken an Introduction course with another provider, we thoroughly recommend that you undertake our starter course before enrolling on the Advanced course.


Some recent feedback from our training course:

"Excellent - should be part of every social worker's training regardless of client group"

"It has been a very interesting couple of days"

"I really enjoyed the course and found it very useful - Thanks"

"What a great day - Amazing trainer, such a depth of knowledge"




Introduction to Autism

The course will cover these topics:

  • What is autism?
  • Myths and facts of Autism
  • ASD as a bio-psycho-social disorder
  • Universal deficits of autism
  • Introduction to Dynamic Intelligence: thinking and problem solving

This course is designed for people who work with children and adults with autism. It is important that people who work in the field have a sound theoretical understanding of how the condition manifests in people and this course will provide that knowledge. Therefore it is suitable for teachers, care workers, social workers, police, health workers, friends and families. This course will provide a comprehensive understanding of the condition and will give participants a thorough grounding in the most recent developments in autism theory. This course is designed to be followed by the Advanced Autism course.

All participants will receive a detailed certificate listing their achievements.

  • Course duration: 10am -4pm
  • Cost: £80

Advanced Autism Awareness

The course will cover the following:

  • Putting theory into practice, useful strategies for supporting people
  • Problem solving the core deficits of autism
    • Developing flexible thinking strategies, long term life goals
    • Changing Communication: differences between dynamic and Static
    • Self: States of Mind and its psychological impact Addressing the Environment in relation to sensory issues in Autism.

This course is an interactive and practical session that aims to provide useful strategies for assisting people working with clients on the spectrum. The session comprises group work, discussions, problem solving and lectures and builds upon the knowledge gained during the Introduction to Autism course. Participants will leave with a range of practical strategies It is an extremely intensive course and people need to have a thorough grounding in the theoretical knowledge of autism. Therefore it is essential that people have undertaken the Introduction to Autism course as it forms the foundation upon which this course is built.

All participants will receive a detailed certificate listing their achievements.

  • Course duration: 10am -4pm
  • Cost: £80


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